Zana Dutrio EP

by Zana Dutrio

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"best shit eva"
"yeah that alright"
"pretty shit to be honest"
"ahead of the time"
"like a modern day mozart"
"music good for the ear canal"
"this made me dance and release my bowels"


released September 19, 2014

- Artwork by Julian Taylor
- Vocals by Zana Dutrio
- Sink drums by Julian Taylor
- Produced by a faulty I Digress prototype
- Mastered by Julian Taylor




I Digress Sydney, Australia


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$30 p/track beats prod. I Digress

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Track Name: From The Streetz
From the streetz, of Manhattan [x3]
From the streetz,
Ha, gaaaayyyy

[Chorus x4]
Talk shit
Get hit
In the Face
With my fist

that was amazing
Track Name: Wing-Wah
get up in the morning wake up step out the door light up having a toke blazin feeling that hunger craving grab wing wah now what is that its like crack put it in your pocket just in case being your worst best grab wing wah mazin get to work about 10 past 3 and i say to my boss im sorry i gave him a wing wah and he got into his car real far and never came to back to earth again time for a smoko 6 oclock and i took my time down at the dock no responsibility whatever i dont give a fuck fuck my sock whatever dont skip a beat just give it to me and show me what youve got let us see and let the world damn world what is easy to see its like ecstacy
Track Name: Shing Shang Shong
steady beat

shing shang shong on my dirty bong

you're making a fool outta me matt
im not brahh

you wear a beanie
that mean youre a meanie
you look like a weenie
in that grey bikini

shing shang shong on my dirty bong
shing shang shong on my dirty bong

thats good man
makin resources
think im gonna have a bong